Pre-Fired Block


Dense Castable

There is a wide range of dense castable available in high & medium purity varieties. These are hydraulically bonded for high
temperature applications. They have good impact strength, high abrasion resistance with low shrinkage during operation

Insulating Castable 

Our PROLITE™ series of insulating castables are available in medium and high purity varities. It provides minimum
shrinkage and excellent volume stability. These are hydraulically bonded which develop superior strength at operating temperatures. Low
thermal conductivity ensures minimum heat loss and significant fuel savings.

Plastic Refractory

The PACPLAST™ series of monolithics develop high structural strength upon exposure to heat. They semi-stiff in
consistency and require pneumatic ramming of tamping for installation.

 Pre Cast Pre Fired

The PCPF blocks ensures high quality product. It eliminates the drying process and hence shortens the installation period.
It also guarantees volume stability. It is most suitable for complicated and critical areas.