Insulating FireBricks(IFB)

Special & Conventional Insulating Bricks


Special insulating Bricks 

The PACELL insulating bricks are specially formulated with uniform distribution of pores so to ensure maximum insulation. They are avilable in ASTM grade 16, 20, 23, 26, 28 & 30.

Apart from low thermal conductivity, PACELL bricks have high strength, lo iron, low PCE, making them idol for Fertilizers , Refineries , petrochemicals, Carbon, Chemical and Steels industries




Conventional insulating bricks  


The Conventional insulating bricks have moderately high strength , low bulk density, lo thermal conductivity.

 They are used in a variety of applications, both as hot face for back up linings in furnaces , heaters , cyclones , ducting , conventions sections etc.